Leni is the girl with the cheerful smile who lives in the Dolomites, where she enjoys the everyday life of the mountains in a setting of natural, unspoiled wilderness. She spends her time surrounded by the elderflowers, bees and butterflies in grandma’s orchard, which she tends with Liebe. Every day, she selects and picks the finest apples, crisp and juicy, to prepare special juices and delicious snacks!

Tasty products
and smiles so bright,
brought to you
from the Dolomites.

Leni’s home

Leni and her apples live in Trentino-Alto Adige in the Dolomites, a natural wonder and UNESCO world heritage site, where 70% of the land is covered with forests and meadows. Warm in summer and autumn, mild in spring and winter, with 300 days of sun per year: it is a perfect micro-climate! Sun-kissed by day and made crisp by the chilly nights, Leni’s apples grow to be juicy and intense: beneath the vibrantly coloured peel, sugar, vitamins and flavours create a taste sensation.

300 days
of sunshine above,
365 days
of pure love!

Leni’s family

Leni has an enormous family! It embraces over 13,500 families of fruit-growers with long histories, the members of 4 large co-operatives which are famous all around the world: Marlene, Val Venosta, Melinda and Trentina. Like Leni, most of them work small plots of land, ideal for growing the different varieties of apples. Organic farming and integrated farming harness the forces of nature itself, respect friendly insects and encourage their proliferation: in this family, the present and the future are bright green.

13,500 families
working hard,
100% delicious apples
is their reward!

Leni’s passion

Leni and her family grow, pick, wash and transform their apples with lots of Liebe, as well as with the very best technologies. Daily checks guarantee that their recipes’ chemical, physical, microbiological and organoleptic features all meet the highest quality standards. Nothing escapes Leni’s observant nature and sharp eyes, because she knows that safety is just as important as tastiness.

Short and inspected
supply chain,
a guarantee
for top quality.

The fruit

Apples and
an active life,
for happiness
in every bite!

Vibrant colours, perfect shapes, sweet and juicy flesh. Leni loves to say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”, because her apples make the perfect snack: natural, low in fat and calories, with 85% water to quench thirst and refresh while offering vitamins, minerals and micronutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron. The fructose provided in every bite or sip goes straight to the muscles: a natural source of energy for those living an active life in the fresh air, just like Leni.