There’s lots to celebrate in december with leni’s apple and elderflower juice

There’s lots to celebrate in december with leni’s apple and  elderflower juice

Elderflower buds for a juice that’s oh-so-good

December is the most festive month of the year, because the Christmas period is full of opportunities to get together and celebrate with family and old friends.
Twinkling lights are everywhere and the streets fill up with red flowers, mistletoe, and decorative paper snowflakes.

The feast days that fall within this period begin with the Immaculate Conception on the 8 th December, the traditional day for decorating the Christmas tree and placing the presents underneath, where they remain until the 24 th or 25 th December. Every family has its own traditions: some open presents immediately after a special dinner on Christmas Eve, while others wait and enjoy a special surprise on Christmas Day, after a visit from jolly old Santa Claus with
more gifts!

And after yet more celebrations on St. Stephen’s Day, there are just a few days left before St. Sylvester’s Day, on the last day of the year. A New Year’s Eve party is a time for music and merriment, and in Italy it is traditional to eat zampone (pigs’ trotters), cotechino sausage and lentils… and here’s another must-have: Leni’s Apple and Elderflower Juice.

Made from only the finest apples grown, picked and processed with liebe in the Dolomites in the heart of Trentino-Alto Adige, the gateway to Europe, Leni’s Apple and Elderflower Juice is a scrumptious symphony that’s perfect to toast any celebration throughout the Christmas season.
The result of the peerless pairing of apples and elderflower, Leni’s Apple and Elderflower Juice has a delicate and surprising taste. Ideal for raising a glass with your loved ones, it contains only genuine and natural Italian Äpfel, boasting top quality and an unbeatable flavour that marries perfectly with the floral notes of white elderflower blossoms to create a sublime aroma. Guaranteed to make your Christmas celebrations even more special and bring a glow of warmth and joy to all in this magical atmosphere.

Produced using only the finest apples from high altitude, Leni’s Apple Juice with Elderflower is perfect whether enjoyed neat or diluted with water. In every sip, enjoy all the natural goodness that only our mountain realm can offer.