Leni’s Red-fleshed Apple Juice: a tasty and attractive new product!

Leni’s Red-fleshed Apple Juice: a tasty and attractive new product!

Love at first sip

100% red apples, from PULP to peel. That’s what we use to make Leni’s new Red-fleshed Apple Juice, a drink that will catch your eye at first glance and capture your heart with the first sip. 

Unlike other apples, which have a light-coloured flesh somewhere between white and yellow, the apples chosen by Leni’s for this delicious new product stand out for their distinctive red colour, including the PULP itself.

Are there really apples that are red throughout? There certainly are, rare and highly sought-after apples which owe their unusual colouring to anthocyanins, natural pigments with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Normally, these pigments are present only in the peel of many apple varieties, but there is one exception: the Äpfel from the high Alps with the 100% red flesh chosen by Leni’s.

Grown with liebe in the magical and unspoilt realm of Trentino–Alto Adige in the heart of the Dolomites, these extraordinary apples are the ingredients used to make Leni’s exquisite Red-fleshed Apple Juice.

With its vivid red colour, in shades of varying intensities from purplish-red to ruby red, the flavour of Leni’s Red-fleshed Apple Juice is complex and intense. It is brought to life by a sharp zing of acidity that pairs perfectly with the sweeter notes, packed with hints of forest fruits: strawberry, cherry and raspberry come to the fore in a bold and surprising aromatic profile.

Excellent for serving neat or for mixing to create thirst-quenching long drinks and irresistible cocktails, Leni’s Red-fleshed Apple juice will first catch the eye with its stunning colour before conquering hearts with the intensity and complex freshness of its fruity notes. Tasting is believing!