Leni’s Apple Purée has arrived!

Leni’s Apple Purée has arrived!

All the goodness of fruit in every spoonful

If you’re looking for a great dessert that tempts your taste buds and is also good for you, Leni’s latest creation is just the treat for you!

Healthy, nutritious and delicious, Leni’s Apple Purée is a real winner: it aids digestion, purifies the body and satisfies hunger… as well as being super tasty!

This yummy 100% apple cream is made using exclusively the finest Äpfel from Trentino-Alto Adige, a magical, unspoilt mountain realm in the heart of the Dolomites. The result is a sweet flavour that only apples from the high Alps can offer.

FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES and WITH NO ADDED SUGARS, Leni’s Apple Purée is ideal as a healthy snack made from apples.

Perfect for enjoying by the spoonful, this exquisite purée with the unique taste typical of freshly picked apples is also excellent when used in a variety of recipesvery gut! It can be served both hot and cold, along with crêpes, waffles and ice cream; it makes a great breakfast when spread on crispy bread or toast; and thanks to its smooth consistency, it can also be used to make cakes and tarts extra-special.

Finally, served plain or with a dusting of cinnamon, it’s a healthy, light option to fight off hunger pangs, even as a snack to enjoy in the office. Leni’s Apple Purée is also perfect to take on the go thanks to its convenient and elegant glass jar, a material capable of preserving the organoleptic qualities of the apple cream at their best while respecting and protecting the environment at the same time.
Adored by kids and adults alike, Leni’s Apple Purée is ideal for those with a sweet tooth, offering a low calorie content and all the goodness of the finest Alpine apples.


Store at room temperature and protected from light. After opening, keep in the fridge and eat within a few days.